At least 14% off 70,000 hotels worldwide

We’ve partnered with Hotelopia, a leading online travel booking portal to get a fantastic offer for Evri Partner Rewards Plus members.

With over 70,000 establishments – including over 4,000 in the UK – we  have  a superb geographical coverage of hotels, villas and rented accommodation across the UK, Europe and around the world, ranging from 1 star to 5 star luxury establishments, at great prices.

We  have secured an exclusive minimum 12% – currently 14% as a winter promotion – discount on every room, at all times and without any restrictions, including weekends and bank holidays.  

How to get these benefits

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However, if you’d like to see which hotels are participating in our discounted offers before joining, you can click the non-member button below. These show the UNDISCOUNTED prices. Once you’ve joined you’ll go through to the Hotelopia page where you can see and book with the 14% discount.

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