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EE, the UK’s most advanced digital communications company running the UK’s biggest and fastest mobile network.

EE was the first to launch superfast 4G in the UK in October 2012, and also first to launch 5G in May 2019.  They deliver to over 27 million customers the best network and the best service.

EE offers the full range of handsets, SIM only products, as well as brand new Pay As You Go products and Mobile Broadband!

20% off your monthly bill on airtime only with flex plans, and on any 12/24-month SIM only plan

If you’re new to EE,  you can get a discount code by simply clicking through via the ‘Show code” button and then ‘Use code’ (you’ll need to be logged to see this).  When you have your code, start shopping for your new phone or SIM plan.

Already with EE and ready to upgrade? Annual upgrade plans are currently not available with this offer.

Choose an eligible plan

Once you have your code, you can apply it to get 20% off your monthly bill on airtime only with flex plans, and on any 12/24-month SIM only plan that isn’t already on offer.

How to get this offer

To redeem this offer, once logged in, all you need to do is to click on the ‘SHOW CODE’ button below then take your unique discount code, by clicking the ‘USE CODE’ part of the button, and add it to the checkout once you’ve made your selection. It needs to go into the section labelled ‘Got A Voucher?’.

Please see below for Terms and Conditions.

Don’t forget to click on ‘USE CODE’ after you’ve clicked ‘Show Code’ in order to go through to the EE partner landing page.

Terms and conditions

  • Valid EE discounts are available on airtime only with flex plans and 12/24-month SIM only plans. It won’t work on Annual Upgrade plans, mobile broadband, tablet or smart watch plans or SIM only plans that are already on special offer. If you’ve chosen an eligible plan but your discount code still isn’t working then try back again later with a new code. Still struggling? Reach out to the relevant help desk on the partners website, not EE and they will investigate.
  • Discount codes will only work once per customer, so if you’ve already used your code you won’t be able to use it again.
  • At the end of your plan’s minimum term, the discount will be automatically removed.  Discount on airtime plans with flex pay only last 24 months
  • The offer is available to new customers only. Not available to existing customers upgrading.
  • The 20% discount is applicable on all 24 month phone contracts and 18 month or 24 month SIM plans only. The offer is not available on any other product.
  • The discount is applicable to the monthly line rental only and not the upfront cost.
  • The discount can only be applied at the point of purchase, using the codes provided. The offer cannot be added after the point of sale. The discount will clearly appear on your order confirmation email. If the discount is not present, the discount has not been applied to your order.
  • The offer cannot be used in conjunction with 3rd party cashback, 3rd party discounts and additional EE discounts (friends and family or any other additional line rental discounts). If additional discounts or cashback are attempted to be applied, they will be declined.
  • The offer is available online only and not available over the phone via EE’s contact centres or through in EE’s high street shops.

Please see additional EE Terms and Conditions here