See a doctor online at your convenience

Online GP consultations – 8 till 8, 365 days a year – £25 – usually £49.99

Processing fees for Prescriptions, Fit Notes and Referral Letters all waived for Evri Couriers

Some people have access to free online consultations via the NHS.  This offer is for people who don’t have this option. 

In our busy day-to-day lives, and particularly now during lockdown, more people are finding it difficult to take time off to see their GP or have to wait on average up to 10 working days for a consultation. The GP Service provide an Online Doctor service to help diagnose and treat common conditions using our on-line consultation platform.

Our aim is to provide a safe, discreet and easy journey for patients who are looking for private medical treatment at their convenience and at a cost that people can afford. Our system allows patients to consult with qualified Doctors with a consultation via online assessment questionnaires or through secure video chat. They can then choose to collect their treatment from any Pharmacy registered with our service.

The service also allows Doctors at their sole discretion to provide prescriptions where appropriate as well as referral letters and fit notes.

Can doctors access my records?

Our doctors are also able to access an electronic summary from a patient’s NHS record. The NHS Summary Care Record is a copy of key information which provides our doctors with faster, secure access to essential information about you if required. Our doctors will ask your permission if they need to look at your Summary Care Record.

How do I get this service?

CLICK HERE to join and start enjoying these benefits straightaway!  If you are already a member, make sure you LOG IN to be able to get all the benefits.