Welcome to Hermes Partner Rewards

Hermes, working with the Logistics Guild, is delighted to announce the addition of Business Essentials to the Partner Rewards website.

These Business Essentials have been designed by benefit specialists to help you run your business effectively and successfully, and there are plenty of products to choose from for new and experienced couriers.

While you’ll need to sign up to access Business Essentials, you’ll be pleased to know there is no joining fee, and the things on offer, like discounted fuel, vehicle leasing and rental, phone deals and branded clothing, for example, can be purchased individually. 

You can also sign up for membership to Hermes Partner Rewards Plus, which has loads of benefits for you and your family – this is a great offer at just £15 a year.   This includes many money saving deals, including offers with your Restaurant Card which can save you at least £15 each time you use it, with deals such as 50% off food or 25% off the whole bill including drinks. New offers are being added all the time, such as 25% off Activate Sport kids’ holiday clubs nationwide, saving you £30 per child per week.

I hope you find that Business Essentials is a great addition to the benefits offered through Hermes Partner Rewards. Please get in touch if there are benefits and products you’d like to see added that aren’t being offered yet, and we’ll work with the Logistics Guild to build a benefits programme that supports the ongoing success of your business.

Carl Lyon

Chief Operating Officer, Hermes UK