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Aware of the difficulties faced when dealing directly with financial institutions, Brookson have built up relationships with many Banks and Building Societies who now appreciate the unique employment status of their customers. They’ve already helped hundreds of flexible workers access better mortgages, and would be delighted to see if they can help you find the right deal.

Your mortgage is most likely your single biggest item of expenditure, so cutting its cost, particularly in the current climate, is likely to be your biggest single money saver.

Once the deal ends on your current mortgage you’ll probably be moved on to your lender’s standard variable rate, which is typically higher than mortgage rates available in the marketplace.  In such a situation, reviewing your mortgage needs with an adviser can be useful for many reasons:

  • You are coming to the end of your current deal
  • Your current deal is no longer right for you
  • You want to try to reduce costs

Brookson can start to look at a new deal up to six months in advance of your mortgage deal expiring, and will compare what’s available from your current lender to the whole of the market to make sure you get the most suitable mortgage deal.

Brookson provide a free initial 30-minute consultation with no obligation, so you can be confident that their advice is honest, independent and specific for your needs. They will evaluate your personal needs and requirements, make you aware of the products and services available to you and if they feel you can benefit from their services, can arrange a full mortgage advice consultation.

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